95.45MB 休闲益智

Lost Survival : Stranded Deep of Bermuda – is a game of a simulator genre with survival and sandbox elements. Start your survival on a boat in the Open Ocean. Grab a paddle before sinking!

Beware of the shark, whale or other ocean creatures. Dive to the underwater ocean deep to reveal secrets or gather food on the stranded deep of the island. Craft your new home and become a king of the island. It’s up to you to become a slave on a raft or to a king of craft! Reveal the secrets of famous triangle in Bermuda lost survival is started!

Main features of Lost Survival : Stranded Deep of Bermuda

- Original island survival which is sandbox. Do what you want, craft what you find, go where you see;

- More than 20 types of craft items from simple (like props) to composite (like second floor);

- 3 types of weapon: hammer (for craft), axe (for destroy), spear (for survival);

- Two types of enemies: white whale and giant shark;

- Chose your living area island survival or ocean survival.

Explore every corner of the island. It’s to too small right now, but it will be bigger in full version of lost survival. In the full version there will be also earth enemies, creatures, farm animals and better craft system. This simulator will grow with audience and we try to listen to everyone!

This is an early access game, that’s why we are open for your brilliant ideas and hardest critics to make the game better! The game is inspired by such masterpieces as raft, stranded deep, Bermuda lost survival and subnautica and actually gathered all the best of them. All the content is made by us (developers), bought and under free common license. All the coincidences with games upper and all rights for them are owned by original developers and we don’t need ‘em. We just want to make great new game for us and such fans as we are! Enjoy!


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