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Gamers and Strategists! The Great Medieval Wars are here! Lets capture the enemy castle! Stop Enemy attacks.

Medieval Wars:

Crusades, Norman invasion, Hundred Years War, Guller Wars, Albigens Crusades and endless peasant uprisings ...

Medieval European history is rich in bloody battles and conflicts.

The Medieval Wars is a new game, giving you an opportunity to test your strength in conflicts in different levels.

This game is a great level strategy battle game. The Crusaders and the Kings, Great medieval wars, Total wars, Atilla, Napoleon and Roman Empire.

Medieval Wars: There are 10 missions. You should direct the medieval armies and the crusaders and try to win the greatest wars and wars of European medieval history.

The battle game is provide opportunities to play and have to for you! There are two armies in the game. Be careful! The army with its good strategy will win.

You have strong army units. they are as following:

* Light armed infantry

* Heavy infantry

* Light Armed Archer

* Knights

* Use Catapults to destroy enemy Castle

* Use Bombs

* Move on battlefield

How to Play

* User-friendly touch and drag to rotate the axis of the game

* By clicking on the soldier icon you can place a soldier in the land where the beacon is located.

* With Joystick you can move right, left, forward and backward. Your aim is to conquer the enemy's castle, capture the castle.

You can communicate via e-mail for your requests and complaints.

Email: zaka.creative@gmail.com

Have fun

zaka creative team.


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